IDE 1.5.7 in OSX: Startup, Tools menu, and Upload delay

Hi - as suggested in a related post ( I started a new topic to highlight this particular issue for Mac users.

I recently purchased a Yun and installed IDE 1.5.7. There's about a 20s lag at startup before the empty sketch appears. Initially during the boot I can do other things on my computer but at a certain point everything else freezes until the program starts. There's a similar lag when I try and select the Tools menu. I can't do anything else on my machine for the 20s it takes to open that menu. Finally the delay also occurs when uploading a sketch both on WiFi and USB.

Potentially relevant bits:

  • This does not occur when selecting any of the other menus.
  • This issue occurs regardless of which Board I select or the method of connection.
  • It occurs with both Bluetooth and WiFi turned off.
  • It occurs previous versions of 1.5.X and the Nightly build.
  • It does not occur in 1.0.5
  • I'm running OSX 10.8.5 and Java 7

It looks like this was an issue for the Windows version that was fixed in subsequent updates to the IDE. Are there other OSX users experiencing the same problem?

Thanks in advance.

I'm using OS X and I just have a lag of about 5 seconds between the click on the icon and when the empty sketch window appears. Not so much. No lags when I click on "Tools". I'm using a 9 month 21" iMac with 16 GB Ram and Intel i7@3.1GHz.

My doubt if you've something connected to your Mac through a serial line. When the IDE starts, usually it makes a scan of all the serial ports looking for the one that are available and trying to find Arduino boards.