IDE 1.51 installation problem into W7

I am trying to install new IDE 1.51r2 into W7(64) with DUE support.
I have downloaded zip file but w7 will not allow me to unpack files into any directory. Message is that arduino.exe could damage computer so unpacking is stopped and no files found in dir.
If I unpack files in XP and let W7 acces this file on common disk w7 gives message that this file is not accessible (arduino.exe) due to internet security settings and do not start.
Any hints to get around this. Arduino 1.01 does not have this problem.

I'm not a windows user but you could try another unpacker. 7zip is a great small app that can unpack almost everything.

Ok I think I found out.
I had to manually remove windows 7 blocking from all the Arduino files and now it works. grrrr…