IDE 1.6.11 ChipKit Problems


I'm using Arduino IDE 1.6.11 and update my ChipKit core to 1.3.0 with no problems. Now yesterday a new update 1.3.1 ChipKit core update. However this time I get CRC error, and I cannot go back to an older version. is there a way to remove this bad download from were ever it is stored? or is this a ChipKit website problem?


There's and issue with Boards Manager where once you have a corrupted download on your system you can't download it over again. I just installed ChipKit using the Boards Manager URL: without problems so assuming you are using the same URL the problem is non on chipKIT's end(or it's been fixed).

As you guessed, you need to find that download and delete it:
Click on the path on the line after File > Preferences > More preferences can be edited directly in the file:
You should now have the Arduino15 folder open. The downloads are located in the staging/packages subfolder. There are a few different files and I don't know which one is corrupted so the easiest solution is to just delete the entire folder. None of the files in that folder are needed any longer, that's just the download location before they are installed. The only benefit these files provide after installation is to make later installations that require any of the files faster as they will not be redownloaded. Now try the chipKIT installation again.

Thanks Pert

Deleting all the files in staging/packages worked.