IDE 1.6.13 on WIN10 not showing up!

I couldn't find anything on google similar to this. I have unistalled and reinstalled the IDE, I also tried formatting my PC, using ide 1.6.9, but in all of those cases this issue came back. When I launch the Arduino program, it shows it's opening process and then, it disappears from the screen and only shows the icon on the taskbar as if it had been minimized, but it won't open even if I click on it.

You could try running arduino_debug from the command line to see if it will provide some clues to the cause of your issue. If you do so please post the output here using code tags(</> button on the toolbar).

I’ve tried that with no success. The debugger crashed… But I’ll try again later and post the results.

What I could get with the debugger running for 10min :frowning: :

Loading configuration...
Initializing packages...
Preparing boards...
Using proxy DIRECT
Using proxy DIRECT
Using proxy DIRECT
Error downloading
Using proxy DIRECT

Try this:
Kill the Arduino IDE process if it's running.
Open preferences.txt in a text editor.
Temporarily remove the URLs from the line that starts:


Save preferences.txt
Start the Arduino IDE

preferences.txt is located at:

On Mac OS X:

On Windows(Arduino IDE 1.6.6 and later):

On Linux:
/home/{username}/.arduino15 (a.k.a. ~/.arduino15)

No success... It keeps doing the same thing.

Nobody has a clue? I need to use this ide version because of libraries and boards cores that I have! Please help.

It's things like that that keep me from jumping on the latest releases.
I have 1.6.9 and Win7 Pro, may jump to a later release when more bugs are worked out. Not going to Win10 unless my laptop dies tho.

That happened in 1.6.9 too, that's why I updated ( hoping it would have been fixed!!). My computer came with windows 8.1 and I think 10 is better, if I had win 7 I'd have stayed with it though.

Try going back to 1.6.5.r5, that was a pretty sturdy release too.