IDE 1.6.2 in Mint17

I’m very new to using Linux so apologise if this sounds simple. I’m using Mint 17.

I installed the Arduino IDE using the Software Manager but ended up getting Version 1:1.0.5+dfsg2-2. i.e not 1.6.1 & it doesn’t support the YUN.

I finally found how to get 1.6.2 by building from source.

  1. I can only run this from the terminal by typing “ant run” so how do I get an entry in Menu->Programming? ant run takes forever to get the IED running.

  2. The IDE has strange colouring that makes the selected entries in Board, Port & Programmer invisible. Is there any way to change this or is it a bug.

Thanks, Dave.

This should get you a working system. Download the arduino 1.6.1 tarball from the Arduino website ( ). Extract the tarball in your home directory. Open a terminal and cd to the arduino-1.6.1 directory and type ./arduino at the command line, press enter and you should be good to go.

stay away from 1.6.2 on linux, its missing the hardware directories and has a bunch of java errors, and if its anything like macosx, they've moved everything around (again!)

1.0.5 is where i'm sticking, although 1.6.1 is ok-ish but a bit pointless unless you have a yun/sam

I'm in the same situation with a 64-bit Kubuntu 14.04 system. I couldn't install from the arduino-1.6.2-linux64.tar.xz file, although the git source files did install. ant run is tedious. I don't have your problem with the IDE display, at least.

I´ve same problem.

Extract in anywhere folder and type ./arduino...RUN

I don´t know install it. ::)

I downloaded the arduino-1.6.2-linux64.tar.xz file again, (Kubuntu 14.04) and this time I was able to install it with no issues. Maybe a bad download the first time.