IDE 1.6.3 paste code problem

Hi, I'm a Arduino beginner, but I met a little problem bug me a lot.

The following is my environment : Mac Air 13'' Mac OS 10.10.2 Yosemite Arduino IDE 1.6.3

The question is, when I copy some code and gonna paste it using command + v, it will paste twice at a time. For example, I copied string "Serial.print("test")" and paste, it will paste "Serial.print("test")Serial.print("test")", but when I use toolbar > edit > paste or right click on mouse and select paste will not occur this problem. I've search this issue on Google but still not find anyone met the same problem like I met. Dose anyone can help me for this problem? Really thankful.

I tried to delete and download again, also restart the mac. Thanks!

I can't reproduce it. Just tested on a mac. What's your keyboard layout?

same problem here. yosemite retina imac

Time to time I have the same problem with double paste when using CMD+V The strange think here is that a problem happens regularly but no always. No matter it's copy-paste from-to same sketch or from outside source.

But, if i'm using Edit>Paste mostly it work correctly.

Arduino IDA 1.6.5 OS X 10.11.1 (15B42) MacBook Pro 13" Mid-2012

Same problem here.

Arduino IDE 1.6.5
OS X 10.11.1
MacBook Pro 13" Early-2015

Switch to another input method editor. That's how I avoid this problem.

If my current IME is traditional Chinese, the problem appears. If I switch IME to English, the problem is gone.

This bug still exists in 1.8.5 on Mac, 10.13.3.

To reproduce:

• Set your keyboard to something other than the default. (I use Dvorak = QWERTY command) • Copy some text with Command-C, or with your mouse • Paste inside Arduino with Command-V.

Expected: The text to appear once. Actual: The text appears twice.

This happens with the laptop keyboard, and with an external keyboard.

Issues could be reported on github. This is probably the best place (although not sure):

As I don't have a Mac, I can't report it as I can't provide additional information if needed.

the problem is when you use a different keyboard layout than English , it fixed since I pressed the ctrl+space and switch my layout to US ENG