IDE 1.6.3 PORT Grayed out SORTED

running windows 7 Home premium service pack 1 Medion Laptop 32 bit

Arduino Uno

Arduino IDE 1.6.3

"PORT" grayed out. The IDE trying to compile on COM1, my Arduino uno was configured at install on port COM4. Shows in device manger OK

This worked for me

I downloaded the FTDI drivers from

installed, all working, including option to select port - Not nice when things dont work out the Box!!!

Things are certainly working out of the box, at least that's what i can say from my experience... If windows 7 failed to install Arduino Uno, if you download the Arduino IDE zip file the FTDI drivers are included there..

Some days before i connected an Arduino Uno R3 to a laptop using [u]windows XP.[/u] It found and installed all the appropriate drivers without any problems.