IDE 1.6.5 editor - triple click?


The new version 1.6.5 of the IDE on OS X has different behaviour for triple-click to select the entire line: it now selects up to, but not including the line end, while 1.6.1 did include the line end.

This is very inconvenient, as other editors, xcode, do include the line end on triple-click.

Is there a preference for this somewhere?


works fine here with 1.6.5

Well, it does not, here. See image:

In 1.6.1 the entire line 6 is selected, so pressing backspace really deletes the line. In 1.6.5 line 6 remains present. That is not good, not as other editors work, and as it worked before. The entire line should go.


Another difference that I think is not good:

Code indent: with command-] and command-[ you can change indent of a block of selected code. Xcode and 1.6.1 use cmd-] to increase indent cmd-[ to decrease indent, but 1.6.5 uses the exact opposite.

Is this forum the right place to discuss these things?



Fixed in
See thread