IDE 1.6.8 does not connect to board


I am using an Arduino Pro mini 5V board. Win 8.1

Just for completeness here is also the history of my problem:

I started with IDE 1.6.7 and everything worked fine while my project was growing. Because I am putting out some sound on a pin, I had to modify the files Arduino.h and Tone.cpp where I implemented some additional functions.
That worked already fine.
Then I got some strange errors (“143% of storage used” - I solved that already) so I had to modify my code further and suddenly even the initialization routine of the board would not work as before.

So I installed IDE 1.6.8. This IDE wanted the modified files Arduino.h and Tone.cpp in my sketch folder.
When I compile that, there are no errors.
When I connect my board (via FTDI cable) the green LED on the board keeps blinking (I tried it for more than 30 minutes) but never connects.

When I reinstall IDE 1.6.7 and start it, it connects instantly with the board. But the problem is, that my project does not compile anymore because my functions that I created inside Arduino.h and Tone.cpp “are not declared in this scope” (even though I replaced the original files).

Can anyone help me with this issue ?
(either get IDE 1.6.8 connecting to the board or IDE 1.6.7 finding my functions)

Thank you in advance.

Arduino.h (7.35 KB)

sketch_may07f.ino (22.1 KB)

Tone.cpp (38.4 KB)

are not declared in this scope

Why not post the error message? We are not psychic.

codlink: Why not post the error message? We are not psychic.

I get these messages:

G:\E_XP_Daten_Herwig\Projekte\bsv_ampel2\sketch_may07f\sketch_may07f.ino: In function 'void setHornState(uint8_t)':

sketch_may07f:398: error: 'bitStreamTone' was not declared in this scope



G:\E_XP_Daten_Herwig\Projekte\bsv_ampel2\sketch_may07f\sketch_may07f.ino: In function 'void nextTLstate()':

sketch_may07f:598: error: 'setHornLoudnessMore' was not declared in this scope



sketch_may07f:756: error: 'setHornLoudnessMin' was not declared in this scope



G:\E_XP_Daten_Herwig\Projekte\bsv_ampel2\sketch_may07f\sketch_may07f.ino: In function 'void setText()':

sketch_may07f:1065: error: 'getHornLoudness' was not declared in this scope

ld = getHornLoudness();


exit status 1 'bitStreamTone' was not declared in this scope

If you have a library for this sketch, it's likely that: 1. You haven't installed the proper library 2. You have installed it in the wrong location 3. The folder structure is wrong.

Post your sketch in code tags so we can look what library you are trying to use.

codlink: Post your sketch in code tags so we can look what library you are trying to use.

I don't know what you mean with "code tags", but finally I managed to get my project working with IDE 1.6.7. If anyone heard someone screaming out in anger -- that was me. Why would anyone copy important files to a "secret" folder somewhere deep in the folder tree structure (12th subfolder level !!) of my computer and compile these files instead of those in the direct neighborhood of my project file ?

As I replaced the Arduino.h and Tone.cpp files in that folder, there where no errors anymore -- with IDE 1.6.7.

For now I can continue, but the problem that IDE 1.6.8 won't connect to my board is still present. Any hints to that ?