IDE 1.6.8 is now ready for download

IDE 1.6.8 is now ready for download. As an existing (1.6.7) user, I'm always confused as to how to upgrade to the next version!
Do I have to do any cleanup work on my existing windows 7 platform BEFORE the upgrade download... OR do I just perform the windows.exe download and let it do its own thing?

That should be spelled out in your download page!!!!

I've done just the download for now to see what happens. Hope is never a good stratigy :confused: :confused:

I also am using the ESP8266 12E module and am looking for the the new Intel "Arduion 1.0.1" module.


I had hell with the recent new builds. Things that did work before didn't etc.
I wasted most of two long days trying different libraries and finally.
I moved my Arduino folder in documents. Did a complete uninstall and delete.
Installed 1.6.8 and the NewliquidCrystal_1.3.4 library and my compile and upload to a Mega with the simple Hello world worked.

Two years back since I had done any I2C LCD programming. I just got in a bunch of 4x20's in from China and I thought they might have been a bad batch.

I have some major projects and I know it will be a slow process getting all the libraries I need reinstalled. Will be working with Nano's, Mega's and Due's, NRF24L01+, GSM/GPRS, 3x4 and 4x4 matrix keypads, and numerous sensors.

I had lost faith in my fellows after the last few days but my faith sees a glimmering light.