IDE 1.8.0 Released -- update: 1.8.10

ARDUINO 1.8.0 - 2016.12.20

* Linux: running in command line mode doesn't require an X11 display anymore
* "Save as" now clears the "modified" status
* builder: Paths with strange UTF8 chars are now correctly handled
* builder: .hpp and .hh file extensions are now considered valid sketch extension
* builder: core.a is not rebuild if not needed (improve build time in particular for big projects)
* Fixed swapped actions "Copy for Forum" and "Copy as HTML"
* Linux/osx: If an editor tab is a symbolic link it is no more replaced with a real file when saving (see #5478)
* Increased the upload timeout to 5 minutes (it was 2 min, but it may be not sufficient when uploading via UART a big sketch)

* Added boards
* Added Adafruit Circuit Playground board
* Added "-g" option to linker to keep debug information in the .elf file (see #5539)
* avrdude: Added fake configuration for EFUSE on atmega8 part. This solves a long standing issue with "Burn bootloader".
  Thanks @rigelinorion, @awatterott

ARDUINO 1.8.1 - 2017.01.09

* Fixed font rendering not anti-aliased on Windows (regression)
* Increased number of colors on serial plotter to 8, thanks @cousteaulecommandant

* Fixed regression in SD library. Thanks @greiman

ARDUINO 1.8.2 2017.03.22

* Fix command line: works again with relative paths (regression)
* Fix command line: "--save-prefs" works again (regression)
* AVR toolchain has been updated with a tentative fix for the
   ld-returned-5-exit-status bug
* Update arduino-builder to 1.3.25
  - avoid name clashing for libraries
  - cache core archives to speedup compilation consistently
* Allow BoardManager to fetch FreeBSD tools (thanks @kevans91)
* Serial monitor: the input string box is automatically focused when window
   is selected
* Serial monitor: now can not be opened during upload
* Serial monitor: now properly decodes UTF8 characters (thanks @aknrdureegaesr)
* Serial monitor: added 500k, 1M and 2M baudrates (thanks @dsstutts)
* Updated RSyntaxTextArea to 2.6.1 (textarea component)
* Updated jmdsn (mDNS discovery)
* Allow plugins to attach a listener to compile progress (thanks @tomneutens)

* Add Atmel-ICE and JTAGICE3 programmers for AVR chips (thanks @matthijskooijman)
* AVR: Set unused bits of extended fuse to 1, should remove some avrdude warning
   during burn bootloader (thanks @descampsa)
* AVR: USB: send ZLP when needed (allows full 64 bytes packets)
* AVR: USB: use IAD descriptors instead than Generic (thanks @cuitoldfish)

* SAM platform source code has been moved to its own repository 
  ( - all PRs and issues
  have been moved as well
* Update Wifi101 Firmware Updater plugin

NOTE: There is a bug in the installer script of the Linux 1.8.2 versions.

You can fix it by editing


    # Resource name to use (including vendor prefix)


    # Resource name to use (including vendor prefix)

[nobbc]ARDUINO 1.8.3 2017.05.31

(bugfix service release)

* Fixed RESOURCE_NAME in script
* Serial Monitor: added "Clear output" button. Thanks @MichaelSy
* added options in preferences.txt for: custom title, comment/uncomment shortcut, always show file extensions. Thanks @MichaelSy
* added options in preferences.txt to enable/disable typing assistance (auto close brace, auto indent)
* Enabling "Use external editor" option now requires to save all sketches.

* AVR: added availableForWrite() method in generic Stream class. Thanks @eric-wieser
* AVR: moved flush() method up in the class hierarchy from Stream to Print class. Thanks @matthijskooijman

* Update Wifi101 Firmware Updater plugin


[nobbc]ARDUINO 1.8.4  2017.08.23

* IDE Toolbar can now go full width on 4K display.
* Environment variable LIBRARY_INDEX_URL is now correctly parsed (LIBRARY_INDEX_URL_GZ can also be optinally specified). Thanks @xardael
* Added per-board generic option in config file boards.txt for disabling control of dtr+rts. Thanks @d-a-v
* CLI: fixed missing "runtime.platform.path" when running without the `--board` option
* Linux: fixed desktop icon not launching the IDE in certain Window Managers (thanks @herrold)
* Allow setting low values for console size (correctly applies console.lines=x in preferences.txt)
* Make Preference window fit 600px height displays
* Fix error when renaming an unsaved, newly added file. Thanks @matthijskooijman
* Added the ability to increase/decrease font size via keyboard + mouse shortcuts (Ctrl + MouseWheel)
* Sketch names starting with a digit are now allowed
* Serial monitor is opened on a default position if the multi-monitor setup change (this should fix cases
  when the serial monitor is opened outside of the visibile space)

* Fixed wrong folder name for "Adafruit Circuit Playground" library, now it can be updated cleanly.
* Fixed wrong include for "RobotIRRemote", now it should not interfere anymore with the real IRRemote.


[nobbc]ARDUINO 1.8.5 2017.09.29

(bugfix service release)

* Added workaround for menu visibility bug in MacOSX 10.13 beta. Thanks @puybaret
* Fixed bug for negative-font-size.
* New/Rename tabs now allows names starting with a number.

See Reply #192 before updating to 1.8.6.

ARDUINO 1.8.6 2018.08.23

* Updated arduino-builder to 1.4.0:
- parallel build (improve compile speed)
- better reuse of already compiled files
- Windows: fixed build for sketch stored under OneDrive cloud folders
* Added translations for library types. Thanks @ReAlUA
* Added scroller in programmers menu.
* Added "accelerator" in scrollable menu, press "a" key while scrolling
* Keep "Board Manager" menu item always as first in the menu
* "Manage Libraries" is now also in the "Tools" menu. Thanks @feikname
* Compiler errors now have both column and line
* Serial monitor how has "Show Timestamp" option. Thanks @MichalSy
* Improved DPI detection for hi-resolution montior on Linux
* Added copy/paste contextual menu in Find/Replace text fields
* Fixed long IDE startup time when some virtual/not-connected network interfaces are present
* Fixed inconsistent line-endings when saving files on Windows
* mdns: Make board disappear via TTL instead of reachability. Thanks @kurtgo
* Library Manager: display install/remove buttons with mouse on-hover instead of mouse click
* Board Manager: fixed some rare case with corrupted index download
* Windows: removed some debug output when running the IDE from command line
* Support selectable user-defined themes. User's theme are zip files inside the sketchbook "theme" folder
* Library Manager: library search now search also for headers (.h) declared by the library in
* Added "--version" to the CLI. Thanks @yohsuke
* Fixed Serial Plotter/Monitor permanently disabled if Plotter fails to open
* Fixed window title that sometimes is not updated on "Save as...". Thanks @JxJxJxMxNxS
* Fixed keybindings for Increase/Decrease font size
* Improved accessibility in the Preferences dialog. Thanks @coreyknapp

* AVR: Set Optiboot as default bootloader for Nano. This is the bootloader installed on new
Arduino Nano boards. If you have a Nano with the old bootloader you must select
Tools > Processor > ATmega328P (Old Bootloader) to upload.
* AVR core has been moved to its own repository:
* Updated toolchain to gcc 5.4.0

* SECURITY FIX: Released fix for WPA2 KRACK vulnerability (latest WINC1500 firmware 19.5.2).

ARDUINO 1.8.7 2018.09.11

(bugfix service release)

** Hitting 9000 character limit, see reply #195 for details.

ARDUINO 1.8.8 2018.12.07

See reply #228 for details.

ARDUINO 1.8.9 2019.03.15

See reply #276 for details.

ARDUINO 1.8.10 2019.09.13

See reply #347 for details.

Does this mark the end of the Arduino vs Arduino days?

Anyone played with it? Does it break stuff?

I've installed 1.8.0 on a Mac with Sierra OS;.upgrading from 1.6.13. Tested a few complex programs using serial, i2c and spi for the ATmega328P and ATmega1284P. No problems, so far.

I really don't know why they have to roll out new versions frequently. I have been using since IDE 1.5 and there are nothing change to me. I used with Windows and some popular boards UNO or Pro mini. Anyway, it's still a nice news.


Since I install 1.8.0 font in IDE is destroyed :fearful:

NO. Not completly destroyed... but looks like anti aliasing or something like that is corrupted...

Same for u ?

Yes, there is something definitely wrong with the font in the IDE. Much harder to read than previous.
Windows 10 64 bit if that matters.

Yeahh, now even with evil Windows app...

But seriously, can the 1.6.6 and 1.6.7 sticky be unstickyed now. They are just clutter.

@OzOns, yes, have it too. Only the toolbar, menu's and dialogs though, code editor is fine.

Win 10 x64 here as well


Are you sure about the code editor? Doesn’t look right to me. My other system is in another room so it’s had to do a side by side but it doesn’t look good. It looks more obvious in all caps lines such as a #define MOTHERBOARD BOARD_RAMPS_14_EFB.

Yep, sure about it :slight_smile:


Al tough the image makes it look a bit weird as well :confused:

Great news!

The Arduino Tian and the Arduino M0 Pro are coming soon!

thks Septillion

"@OzOns, yes, have it too. Only the toolbar, menu's and dialogs though, code editor is fine."

I agree (if I change the font size for the editor with a larger one - in preference - ...)

Win7 64bits


Al tough the image makes it look a bit weird as well :confused:

Hey septillion,

I think it’s pretty cool that way but the line.

I jumped from 1.6.12 to 1.8.0 I noticed that also moved from 1.7.x to 1.8 and now has the same change log as the version 1.8.0. This must be the way the dispute ends.

I brought the two IDE versions up side-by-side and there is something funny about the font in 1.8. It is especially noticable in the Preferences dialog. I guess they left us something to complain about until we get 1.8.1 or so.

As far as putting it through its paces it seems like 1.8.0 handles everything that I was running in 1.6.12 and there were some additional board choices for most of the products from It doesn't have any selections for their Zero Pro, M0 Pro, and M0 boards but it looks like these can be treated as Arduino Zero boards just by reflashing the bootloader.


If this works check the following images. The first is from 1.6.13 and the second is from 1.8.0. Both a shots of the same piece of code. Do you see any differences? Maybe it's me but the 1.6.13 is clearer especially the the #define ENABLED (look at the A). Also look at the W in SWITCHING.



Well, that didn't work as expected. Open the link to see the image. Time to learn how to embed an image.

It doesn't have any selections for their Zero Pro, M0 Pro, and M0 boards

It has now. Update your SAMD boards.

For anyone seeing the font problem, there's now a fix on Github.

Thanks Paul.

On one monitor it looks fine but my other monitor it looks faint That fixed it.

1.8.1 fixes both the menu font display and the code editor display

Followup that the patch from github works fine on my Win10 64 bit system but just hangs on Win10 32 bit.

I noticed that the in the file hardware/arduino/avr/platform.txt file, it says the IDE is version 1.6.16 instead of version 1.8.0
See line 9 of the file.

This is also true in the pre-release 1.8.1 images in the 5756 linked above.

--- bill

Does this mark the end of the Arduino vs Arduino days?

Anyone played with it? Does it break stuff?

The linux 32 bit 1.8.0 package from is not the same as the 1.8.0 package from

The IDE is missing the java directory and arduino-core.jar and pde.jar are different in the two packages.

The IDE 1.8.0 from seems to work ok on 32 bit linux Mint 17.1 but IDE 1.8.0 from does not. The IDE immediately crashes.

--- bill