IDE 1.8.0 Released -- update: 1.8.10

Great news!

The Arduino Tian and the Arduino M0 Pro are coming soon!

thks Septillion

"@OzOns, yes, have it too. Only the toolbar, menu's and dialogs though, code editor is fine."

I agree (if I change the font size for the editor with a larger one - in preference - ...)

Win7 64bits


Al tough the image makes it look a bit weird as well :confused:

Hey septillion,

I think it’s pretty cool that way but the line.

I jumped from 1.6.12 to 1.8.0 I noticed that also moved from 1.7.x to 1.8 and now has the same change log as the version 1.8.0. This must be the way the dispute ends.

I brought the two IDE versions up side-by-side and there is something funny about the font in 1.8. It is especially noticable in the Preferences dialog. I guess they left us something to complain about until we get 1.8.1 or so.

As far as putting it through its paces it seems like 1.8.0 handles everything that I was running in 1.6.12 and there were some additional board choices for most of the products from It doesn't have any selections for their Zero Pro, M0 Pro, and M0 boards but it looks like these can be treated as Arduino Zero boards just by reflashing the bootloader.


If this works check the following images. The first is from 1.6.13 and the second is from 1.8.0. Both a shots of the same piece of code. Do you see any differences? Maybe it's me but the 1.6.13 is clearer especially the the #define ENABLED (look at the A). Also look at the W in SWITCHING.



Well, that didn't work as expected. Open the link to see the image. Time to learn how to embed an image.

SurfingDude: It doesn't have any selections for their Zero Pro, M0 Pro, and M0 boards

It has now. Update your SAMD boards.

For anyone seeing the font problem, there's now a fix on Github.

Thanks Paul.

On one monitor it looks fine but my other monitor it looks faint That fixed it.

1.8.1 fixes both the menu font display and the code editor display

Followup that the patch from github works fine on my Win10 64 bit system but just hangs on Win10 32 bit.

I noticed that the in the file hardware/arduino/avr/platform.txt file, it says the IDE is version 1.6.16 instead of version 1.8.0 See line 9 of the file.

This is also true in the pre-release 1.8.1 images in the 5756 linked above.

--- bill

DrAzzy: Does this mark the end of the Arduino vs Arduino days?

Anyone played with it? Does it break stuff?

The linux 32 bit 1.8.0 package from is not the same as the 1.8.0 package from

The IDE is missing the java directory and arduino-core.jar and pde.jar are different in the two packages.

The IDE 1.8.0 from seems to work ok on 32 bit linux Mint 17.1 but IDE 1.8.0 from does not. The IDE immediately crashes.

--- bill

bperrybap: I noticed that the in the file hardware/arduino/avr/platform.txt file, it says the IDE is version 1.6.16 instead of version 1.8.0

That is not IDE version, but AVR boards version.

bperrybap: The linux 32 bit 1.8.0 package from is not the same as the 1.8.0 package from

Well that's sure annoying. I've been hoping that with the reconciliation things would get less fragmented but having two different IDEs with the same version number is actually worse. You'd think they'd just distribute the same exact file from the same server. A quick test of the 1.8.0 Windows build seems to work but a diff shows they are definitely different. What a completely idiotic thing to do!

oqibidipo: That is not IDE version, but AVR boards version.

I see. and I now see that it never really was tracking the IDE release version.

I just did a compare between and's pde.jar and arduino-core.jar files (the two files that really implement the Arduino IDE).

While the jar files differ on a binary compare, if you extract them and compare their contents, all of the .class files within are a perfect binary match. The only difference is the META-INF/MANIFEST.MF files. is compiling with:

Ant-Version: Apache Ant 1.9.4
Created-By: 1.8.0_111-b14 (Oracle Corporation) is compiling with:

Ant-Version: Apache Ant 1.9.7
Created-By: 1.8.0_112-b15 (Oracle Corporation)

They both compiled exactly the same code and produced exactly the same JAVA bytecode. One of them had just a slightly newer version of the JDK toolchain installed on their build machine.

Lots of other files are different, but again is appears to be mostly related to shipping java runtime 8.0.111 b14 and shipping java runtime 8.0.112 b15.

The main exe launcher is also different. I didn't dig into this, but since it doesn't do much, my guess is they've both signing it with their own code signing cert.

It's easy to leap to conclusions and assume the worst. But if you look at what's actually different, I'd say there's not much to see here. They both built from the same exact source, but used slightly different versions of Java to do their builds.

There's a huge size difference between the two, both Linux and Windows releases. Even if they do both work it's just insane to have two different version of a release. A version number should mean something, that's such a basic concept it just astounds me that it's not obvious to these guys. I should get an identical checksum regardless of where the IDE was downloaded from. This makes providing support more difficult. Now when someone comes here with a problem I can't reproduce I have to find out which site they downloaded their IDE from: "I got it from the Arduino website" "Which Arduino website?" "Huh, there are multiple Arduino websites WTF?" "It's a long story..."

The difference between the two Linux 32 but is what I said earlier. There is a missing java directory and then the two jar files. Everything else is the same.

DBMcDonald: I've installed 1.8.0 on a Mac with Sierra OS;.upgrading from 1.6.13. Tested a few complex programs using serial, i2c and spi for the ATmega328P and ATmega1284P. No problems, so far.

What IDE extension did you use to compile the 1284?

When the windows store app update comes?
… and dark mode? :stuck_out_tongue:

THOR-00: When the windows store app update comes?

Is it still all the way back at 1.6.11?