IDE 1.8.7 showing up as 1.8.5 on OS X

Hi everybody,

technically my latest IDE runs smoothly and flawlessly on my Mac Pro.
But: I was a bit puzzled when having installed the latest OS X version (1.8.7) of the IDE.

When starting the IDE it says: version 1.8.5 - the installer zip file, which I downloaded, says: 1.8.7 -> ??

The 1.8.7 zip-file size is: 185,7 MB; unzipped IDE: 520,5MB.

Question: what is right, what is wrong? Version text in 1.8.7 or version 1.8.7 itself disguising as 1.8.5 ?

BTW: CMD-I tells me it IS version 1.8.7 which is running, only its headline is showing 1.8.5

It is not essential for working with the IDE, but it would be fine if version text and version content would match.


I was trapped by my own CCC backup. The dock icon was not updated as I presumed, it still pointed to the previous 1.8.5, in the meantime only on my CCC backup drive. I had to delete the dock entry and replaced it by the latest 1.8.7 in the app folder.

Sometimes Macs are tooooo intelligent, at least for stupid users like me.