IDE 2.0.0 beta 3 Soon forgets the selected USB port

I have downloaded and are using the new IDE. Works OK.

  1. I am unable to create a new post on the specific forum for the this beta. I do not get the new button to allow me to post but I can use this part of the forum.
  2. When using the new IDE it does not remember which usb port I have selected. It reverts to the first listed usb port after using other menu tab items. I choose 14601 but it reverts to 14301 shortly(?) after using other menu tabs.


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Hi @mackarduino. Thanks for your report. I was able to reproduce this bug when using the same Arduino IDE 2.0.0-beta.3 version as you were. However, with the latest release (2.0.0-beta.12), I can not reproduce it. I didn't manage to identify a specific change made by the developers

If you give it another try with the latest release of Arduino IDE 2.x, please let us know whether the bug still occurs for you. Thanks!