IDE 2.0.0-rc2 inconsistent tab naming

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This behavior was already in beta.12

Working on Windows 10, dual screen setup with Arduino IDE 2.0.0-rc2 (downloaded as zip)

When I open the IDE it loads my last project which has a number of files. On first opening it shows part of the path in the title of the tab making them too wide and hard to read. Closing the IDE and opening it again solves the issue and only the filenames are shown as the title of the tab (see attached images)

Thanks for your report @marcoch. There was another report of this problem of the path in the tab text here:

In that case, it was caused by opening the sketch from the "Sketchbook" sidebar panel. We don't have a report of it occurring when the sketch is automatically opened on startup, but I suspected there were other conditions that could cause it since I also have reproduced it when opening files via the "Search" panel (Selecting sketch file with double-click results in duplicate tabs · Issue #656 · arduino/arduino-ide · GitHub).

In both those cases, two copies of each tab are present in the Arduino IDE. Do you have duplicate tabs in your Arduino IDE?

I've just checked that. And yes, all the files are opened twice. I did not notice that before (I did only now realize that there is a way to pull a tiny scrollbar below the tabs)...

It seems to be quite consistent that it happens every other time when I start the IDE (so once it's ok, the next time it's opening the files twice).
Also, in the pulldown at the right side, they only show up once even if they are opened twice. But in the Explorer on the left, they are shown twice in "OPEN EDITORS".

I appreciate the additional information. I have not yet managed to reproduce it, but I will be keeping an eye out for this during my beta testing efforts.

I linked to this forum thread from the formal bug report on GitHub so that the developers will have easy access to it during their investigation.

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