IDE 2.0.0-rc2 Malware Infection?

Just downloaded and Avast (antivirus app) reports an infection with:


Anyone else getting it or is this a false positive?

Sophos here did not claim an infection. It's probably a false alarm. Consider, reporting it to avast.

May be alright. In any case, it has stopped appearing - only happened the one time when the IDE update was downloaded and run for the first time.

Coincidentally BTW, I just finished reporting what turned out to be a false positive to Avast for a web site (false phishing detection, which they promptly corrected).

Hello there, this is Roberto from the Arduino Tooling Team (the team responsible for the Arduino IDE maintenance),
after a thorough check in the antivirus report with our security team, we concluded that it was definitely a false positive and we submitted a false positive report to both Avast and Thor, asking for refinement in their Antivirus rules.

I'll keep you posted, but usually this kind of process is not that fast :slight_smile:

Happy Coding!

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