Ide 2.0 cannot find new com port adding after ide started

ide 2.0 cannot find new com port adding after ide started and must be exit & rerun to find new com port

@jefpou Which Arduino board do you have, official or a clone? Trying installing the core for your board, see
Secondly, you can also install the latest stable IDE version, 1.8.15. Both IDEs can run independently, so you can choose which one to use after testing both. IDE 2.0 is still beta version.

We are using Arduino IDE 2.0.0-beta.12 on Windows 10, with a board based on the SparkFun Qwiic Micro and using the bootloader-sparkfun-qwiic-micro-v3.4.0-53-gfbd9bd1-dirty.bin bootloader. Sometimes we have difficulty uploading firmware from the IDE to the board. The problem is that sometimes the IDE doesn't see the bootloader COM port. Even though the correct COM port shows up in the Device manager, the Qwiic Micro (D:) folder is showing on the PC's monitor, and we could program the exact same board a few minutes earlier or later. Restarting the IDE, replugging the USB cable and double-clicking the reset button doesn't immediately fix things. It seems that the IDE isn't reliably sensing when the bootloader's COM port is present. When the IDE is in the bad state, it shows "SparkFun Qwiic Micro [not connected]" in the lower right corner of the IDE window, and "X SparkFun Qwiic Micro" in the board drop-down menu. In the Select Other Board & Port window, no ports are shown.
It's not clear to me how to work around the problem. Sometimes if I just do something else for a while then try again later, the IDE sees the COM port and all is well.

I hope someone can fix this problem. I really like IDE v2 in other ways, particularly the improved program editing features.

I have also experienced problems like both of you reported. This issue is being tracked by the developers here:

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