IDE 2.0 working perfect on Mac OS 10.15.7. When will Raspi 4 Version be availabl

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I had some trouble, getting the 1.8.x working on my Mac OS 10.15.7 Catalina, some months ago, with a CH340 USB port. But that's fine now and an expert told me: "Never update to Big Sur until you get a signed driver for the CH340 !!" Chinese engineers are working on it (they told me).

Situation is, that Apple changed the management of core extensions to make Mac OS more save. I guess you will be in problems, when you try to use a CH340 with Big Sur. Has anyone tried it successfully?

Rasperry Pi 4:
I would love to use the fantastic 2.0. version with RasPi4. The 64 Bit Linux Version will not run on RasPi? Is that right?

Do we have to wait for an ARM-Version? Does anyone know more about that?

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Hi @michael5411. There is a issue in the tracker for adding ARM host support:

This was submitted by no less than the lead developer of the Arduino IDE 2.x, so you're certainly not alone in wanting this to happen!

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