IDE Accessability For The Blind

I am brand new to Arduino and am very excited by the possibilities. However I am totally blind and am really struggling with the IDE. I have tried using both a new Mac running Lion and a fairly new HP running Windows Vista neither is functional. On the Mac I can access the menus but not the text editing portion of the IDE on the Windows machine my screen reader doesn't recognize the IDE at all.

I would like to know if there are any other blind Arduino members and if so what are they using for software development tools? I would greatly appreciate any help.

the IDE uses processing under java, so in effect your more or less reading text out of a graphics window, this add's another item to "things to gripe about the IDE" list. BUT as far as your concerned there are a couple options.

First is to use an external editor, this can be found under file, preferences, and is a checkbox. This allows you to use any text editor you please, save your file then upload it using the IDE. either though the file menu or the buttons

Second is to use the core files, a make file and do it all though the command line. I have never done this with OSX or windows so it might be a major pain in the butt, In debian linux systems its just a simple apt-get and a simple makefile.