IDE and com port driver

We are using the UNO in our direct mailing facility for auto sortation of mail and for control over divert function for bad pieces. It is connected to a PC running windows 7, and a small app on this PC written in AUTOIT. For the most part it works fine, However once in a while the com port just decides to close. I dont know why because if you look in the Control Panel it says that all things are still working fine, yet between the PC and arduino there is no communication. The application when it attempts to connect to the arduino says can not open a closed port. Well the two ways we found to fix this temporarily is to either A: Power down and reboot the PC, or B: go into device manager, disable then reenable the arduino. Either way will allow things to occur again.

Now from looking here on this web site it shows the latest version of the driver and such to be version 1.6.7 released in Jan 2016.

However our IT staff has in their possession version 1.7.6 not sure where they got that version from.

What i am asking is if i should back the version we have and are using to a version that is readily in use from this site? IE uninstall version 1.7.6 and install version 1.6.5

Do you think this would fix the problem or is there something else i should be looking at?

Thanks for you responces and have a great day.

The application when it attempts to connect to the arduino says can not open a closed port

So, the port is not closed like you said :wink: Sounds to me like the app thinks the port is closed and need to open it because of some bug but actually never told the com port it needs to close. So Windows still thinks the COM port is in use by you’re app :wink: So the problem then is the app, not the driver.

version 1.7.x is from the evil Evil bastards but it should do the job. It’s probably just a clone anyway…