IDE Automatically creates empty Library folders

I recently had some issues and I un-installed and re-installed IDE. After that IDE created several folders under libraries with titles such as: **arduino_38534. ** This folder has empty subfolders such as examples, etc. but each has no content. In this folder, inside examples is an empty folder called GFXcanvas. This is a folder in the Adafruit GFX library that exists in my library folder, but IDE is creating a shell of this library. Others are renamed duplicates of other existing Arduino and AdaFruit libraries (top folder names are generic; arduino_xxxxxxx, but subfolder names are the same). I deleted those empty folders, and after restarting IDE, they are recreated, empty, same numerical names. Doesn’t really cause issues but IDE has a long list of warning messages about invalid libraries missing .h files. Seems something is out of sync. Even though I have valid libraries, IDE tries to create these blank library folders. Any suggestions to fix this? Tried looking at past posts, some say just delete them, but IDE just recreates them. I can fudge it and drop a dummy file with a .h extension in each, but looking for a cleaner fix. Thanks

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