IDE cannot find IP when alternative port is mapped

I have several devices including two Yuns that need to share a single external IP address so I have mapped each to a unique port and set up port forwarding to make these visible. Works great. Problem is the Arduino IDE does not find any of the Yun's once I change the default port of 80 to something different in the httpd.conf file. This means I cannot update over-the air, have to manually move my html onto the SD card, and is a general PITA (I know, I've been spoiled - this used to be normal procedure :-)). Is there a way to configure the IDE to listen on additional or alternative ports so I can use the handy remote one-click update capability.

I’m thinking this is like talking to the Yun through a firewall?


Regrets if not helpful,


OK. I found a decent solution. OpenWrt supports multiple listeners. Instead of replacing the "list listen_http" with my port, I just added my port below it. Now the Yun responds to both ports so it is visible externally as well as to the IDE.