ide cant access any boards

I've just had a meltdown and had to reinstall my machine. Reload windows(7) and rebuild from backups with new hard drive(SSD).

I've re-installed arduino(1.8.13) and now can't get any of my boards to find a port in the ide. Boards tried: uno, mega, nano, esp32.

I've installed all the mobo drivers. I've tried to reinstall the drivers for the error'd USB port in control panel/system/device manager from the arduino drivers library.

I've reloaded arduino ide twice.....

in the tools/port menu I just see com1 and com2, neither of which connect to the board that is plugged in.

anybody got any suggestions?

*** edit: after some messing about I can get the esp boards to register but it does not recognise uno or nano

COM 1 and 2 are DEFAULT posts reserved under windows and almost never used for Arduino.

Usually that COM is 3 or higher.

Just in case you need to re-install the IDE I have attached some clean up instructions.

Fact that you have moved to an SSD should be no issue as I use them also.

Am also providing you with some extra help in the two links below and maybe the second has something of use for you

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I have solved the problem although I'm not sure it's identified the cause....

I finally downloaded some ch340 drivers from here:

I don't remember doing this back in the day but having spent an hour loading and reloading the proper arduino drivers and getting nowhere I am happy to have a result.....

I feel certain that other users with win 7 may have encountered this at some time, but being win 7 it's probably lost to time.