IDE Download

This is my first post. I am not only new to this board, but also new to electronics in general.
I have completed some very elementary projects and decided to explore Arduino after hearing so much about it.
I purchased a Sainsmart kit on Amazon UK about 6 months ago. The kit is the Uno R3 with twin relays included.
I had a really bad start as the instructions I downloaded were really poor and I decided to leave it until I had gained more knowledge - and hopefully understand at least a bit of what I was doing.
After watching YouTube videos I decided to have another go. This time I can't seem to even download the IDE part. I at least managed this before, it was a RAR file. Now when I click the new version for windows basically nothing happens other than a refresh that just lands me lower down on the same page. Any help from someone prepared to speak in none technical terms would be really appreciated. Please also accept my apologies if this information already exists in other posts - a pointer to that would be equally welcomed. Thank you.

This time I can't seem to even download the IDE part. I at least managed this before, it was a RAR file.

No version of the Arduino IDE is packaged as a RAR file. All windows downloads are either .zip or .exe. Try clicking on one of these links:
Windows Installer
Windows ZIP file for non admin install
That should take you to a page that gives the option of donating. After you choose either Just Download or Contribute & Download the IDE should start downloading. Let me know if that works for you.

Pert, thanks for the reply. I used your link having first reset IE to original defaults and I am pleased to say all worked perfectly.
Prior to this I had followed the same steps clicking on the Zip file (per youtube tutorial) then later the 'Windows' file above it - neither worked so I thought maybe something wrong with my computer settings also.
Anyway I'm sorted now! Thank you.

The RAR file was linked linked through Amazon. My mistake, it was a tutorial for the kit with also a file called 'Nixie'