IDE drivers will not load

Looking for help with a problem on the Arduino IDE port being grayed out when trying to upload a sketch to a Nano.

We have two laptops both with the same version of Windows 10. With my laptop I can upload sketches to all boards including Mega, Nano, and Uno. My kid can only upload sketches to Uno and the Mega. If we try to upload a sketch with the same USB cable mine works and his has the grayed out port problem.

We have deleted and reloaded the IDE with no resolution.

We have gone through the update driver routine on the errant device with browse for drivers and Windows refuses to add the drivers. It comes up with the message drivers not found.

In admin mode we go to the driver file and try with no success and then each specific file with no success.

Any thoughts on how we can force windows 10 to load the drivers on my kid’s laptop.

You might have to download and install the CH340 driver; most clones use that. Did you try? The link to the official chinese website: CH341SER.ZIP - NanjingQinhengMicroelectronics

I will give that a try

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