IDE Drop down menu empty Arduino UNO and Win XP

Help. First time trying to install the IDE on laptop running Windows XP with Arduino UNO. I can see the tab selections at the top but when I hit drop down the box is empty? Any ideas? thanks

Wow, never seen anything like this before in more than 30 installs. Did everything unpack?

I'd be tempted to read the instructions carefully and try again.

Hi, I was looking for a fix to this problem as well. Seems more like an XP problem then an unpacking problem. The tabs are there ok, and all the commands are there too, but just not visible....if you run the mouse up and down the empty field while holding down the left click, they start appearing...once they do appear you can start using the IDE fine, but it's annoying when you know it shouldn't happen. The sub-menu fields are just the same. Maybe even my PC, as I loaded it on a laptop in exactly the same way and it works fine.