IDE fails on a new install on a Pi

I'm having trouble with a nano 33 BLE. While uploading, it crashed my mac twice in fairly rapid succession.

So I grabbed a Pi 3B and ran updates on it and then pulled the Linux 64 bit ARM 1.8.10 version of the IDE and ran the script. It all installed and I have a desktop icon to invoke it with.

However, when I run it, it shows an hourglass for a little over ten seconds and does nothing. I see nothing in the syslog or user log and I can't see any special arduino logs either.

Not sure how to debug further. I do have a Pi with Arduino running, which I installed via the Pi's package management, but it doesn't have a board management option and doesn't know about the nano 33.

Raspbian is a 32-bit Linux OS so try the ARM 32-bit version of the IDE. I do not think the ARM 64 version of the IDE works on Raspbian.

D'oh! Thanks, I'll give it a try.

That was it. Thanks again.