IDE Font problems

Hi Folks,

I have a problem with my Arduino IDE, I am currently using the 1.6.4 IDE (on an XUbuntu 14.04 machine regularly updated), but this problem existed before the upgrade. I feel I have seen a solution somewhere before, but searches over the last few months have turned up nothing that helps. The problem lies in the layout font with the IDE menus and prompts etc

As you will notice the name of the file and menu prompts have rectangles replacing characters.

I am quite happy with the fonts that I use to do the editing and I know how to change them, but I really need help to tidy this annoying problem up. I suspect ‘Java’ but I have no idea where to start on that can of worms. Anyone?

Cheers, Rob

try once on another OS or uninstall the current arduino and reinstall it.

The last time that I had this problem was with MS-XP so I have tried it another OS about 3 years ago, and fixed it. But in the swap from MS-XP to Ubuntu (18months ago), I lost track of my notes, or whatever I had at the time on how to fix it. So back to scratch. I could try an uninstall with 'purge' to try to knock out all the config files associated with it as well. It depends on how well behaved the Arduino IDE is. I have tried just asking for a reinstall but that did not help.

Cheers, Rob

I have figured it out in the fullness of time. I have found that I have rogue font definitions (probably internet 'cheapies' from some where or other, and by removing them from my .fonts folder (XUbuntu Linux)I have been able to recover the messages on the IDE.

My rogue fonts were named:


removing them has fixed the IDE. So if people have characters turning to rectangles then check your computer's font collection!! The rogue fonts are probably poorly defined and are missing many characters hence the rectangles.

Cheers, and have a good day,