IDE for kids with iphone, but no laptop with usb?

I'm in the Big Brother/Big Sister program with a great Little that is interested in robotics, but only has an iPhone. I'm an experienced Arduino user/maker for my own use and have looked here and all over the web looking for a way for him to run a standalone IDE on his iPhone and download to an Arduino.

I've seen lots of posts on using an iPhone to control an Arduino remotely, and a few like ArduinoCode, Codebender that are part of the solution, but don't allow a simple, direct plug into an Arduino.

Thinking this has to be a common need for many others, I'd love to hear if I've missed something?


Does the iPhone have a usbotg or usbhost?

My advice is to forget about the iPhone and look around for a free or cheap real computer. Even if you did manage to find some 3rd party solution to do this on the iPhone, it will be constantly harming their learning experience and limiting what they can do. It's difficult enough to learn this stuff without trying to use some hacked up, poorly supported 3rd party replacement for the Arduino IDE.

People are paying money to throw away perfectly good computers every day. You don't need a top of the line computer to run the Arduino IDE.

Look on craigslist. Maybe place your own ad on craigslist asking for a donation. I'm sure someone in your area would be happy to donate that computer taking up space in their garage to a worthy cause.

Or go to your local scrapyard, promise some bottles ofbeer and go home with a laptop

You could also consider purchasing a Raspberry Pi, cheap monitor, keyboard mouse.

Than the little would have a computer that he can use for arduino programming. As others have said, it should not be that hard to find an old computer that someone will be willing to give you.

You could also consider purchasing a Raspberry Pi, cheap monitor, keyboard mouse.

…high quality power supply, high quality SD card, enclosure. Raspberry Pi is great, but I don’t think the math on building your own computer with one to save money works out. The board itself might seem like a good deal, but by the time you assemble all the parts you’re probably not saving any money compared to a used computer of superior specs that can run many more programs due to not being ARM-based.