IDE freezing on Debian

Currently running Debian Stretch and Arduino 2 v. 1.0.5 (the version I downloaded from the package repository).

Whenever I open the "Add Library" dialog in the IDE, if I try to click anything (such as a file in the file system interface), the dialog will freeze and not respond for any reason. I am forced to restart the program. I can close the library if I don't try to interact with it in any way and the IDE will continue to run as normal.

Anyway, this has made me unable to add libraries via this interface. In the short term, is there a workaround to get the IDE to recognize libraries? Also, what's with this behavior?

Because of the war between the arduinos and the two IDE, Debian has to cease maintaining this package.

Version 1.0.5 is now too old, it is necessary to download the last version on or

Both IDE (LLC or SRL) work perfectly under debian.

Next year it is provided that there remains only one IDE and perhaps a new Debian package.