IDE hex output issue


I am trying to use Nick Gammon's hex loader (flashes chips with a hex file stored on an SD card, found here: Gammon Forum : Electronics : Microprocessors : Atmega chip stand-alone programmer to upload .hex files).

Everything was going well and I was able to flash the blink script onto other boards; however, when I compiled my own code and placed the hex file on the SD card, I got an error:

Cannot handle record type: 5
Error in line 2031

Line 2031 is the second-to-last line in the complied hex code, the last lines of which shown here:

:107DBE001212020E03041B1B1B1B00000000272FB8 (Line 2028)
:107DCE00F62EAF2EB82ECD2EDE2E00000000CE37B2 (2029)
:0A7DDE007338643795377537BE37E8 (2030)
:040000050080043C37 (2031)
:00000001FF (2032, end of hex file)

In researching the Intel hex structure, I found this data type (05) is the "Start Linear Address Record". This line is not present at the end of the blink.hex file, which ends as such:


Do you have any idea what might be causing that 05 type to show up? My code is pretty close to the max size for a '328, but I've tried suppressing a large portion of the code and it still shows up.