IDE Icons in comercial tutorials/documentation

Hello Arduino Team and Community,

what is the preferred way to describe the functionality of the IDE Buttons in a commercially sold book? is it possible to use the Button Images for this? the images are eventually - as fare as i can tell from the Guide/Environment Page licensed under CC By Sa. with this its not possible to include these in an closed work.

i think its fine to just use a full IDE screen-shot and name the buttons with lines going to them.

please let me know what you think of this.

sunny greetings stefan

The button graphics are also part of the Arduino IDE:

There might be some haziness about the licensing of the IDE but it does have a general GPL v2 license:

Whether any of that has relevance to your question I have no clue.

thanks pert for the links.

if they are really falling under the GPL v2 i see no way to use them in any kind of closed source documentation material.

i have pinged @cmaglie on github - he added the buttons svg file - so eventually he knows some details..

sunny greetings stefan