IDE input error: can't input quotation marks

I am facing a pretty severe problem/bug with the arduino IDE.

Whenever i try to input a quotation mark ( " or ' ), it is simply ignored: it is impossible for me to input these characters except with copy-paste.

Since this character is very common in programming (e.g. when working with strings), this is really an issue for me. Anybody out there with the same problem? Or, preferrably, an answer?

The problem first occurred when i upgraded from version 18 to 21, but more versions seem to have the same problem. Even when i manually compile the arduino from the latest source it occurs. Downgrading to 18 seems to work, but has other issues (no support for the newer boards for example).

By the way: I am running this on ubuntu (10.10) x64 as operating system.

Do you only experience this in the IDE only or also in a terminal window or open office NB could be a keyboard setting.

no, it is only in the IDE main window (the place you type code in). That is what seems so strange to me. Also, if i open the serial monitor (which also is part of the IDE), i CAN input these characters [ ’ " ] into the ‘send’ field. But still not in the main code window.

Just discovered that this problem seems to be about all characters that need a after it to occur on screen: not only the [ ’ and " ] but also [ ` and ~ ] and probably some more: i dont normally need those though.

I’m testing this with different java versions, but so far no luck. Open office, terminal, eclipse IDE etc do not suffer from this problem.

– EDIT –

when setting the keyboard layout to ‘no dead keys’ it works. Still confused though, i am pretty sure i had this option enabled with the previous IDE version.

– EDIT –

I suffer the same problem since upgrading from version 18 to version 21 on Ubuntu 64 bits.

Dead keys don't work in version 21.