IDE is blank

i'm installing my arduino for the first time ... i'm following the book 'getting started with arduino' and i'm having the following issue:

the IDE is blank

i've installed the ide "arduino-0016" and (after installing the 2 rounds of drivers) when i launch arduino.exe a small window opens, but it is just gray with nothing. no menu, no interface, etc. if i move my mouse around i can see the cursor change from an arrow to the text-editing-symbol ... this makes me think it's simply not drawing properly.

i'm on windows xp ... i've restarted .... everything else on my computer seems to be working fine

any suggestions??


i got my arduino and the ide to work just fine on my laptop

so i went back to my desktop to try and figure out what was going on ... i still thought it was a screen redraw issue, so i changed the color quality from 32bit down to 16 to see if that would do anything ... nadda ... for some reason i maximized the ide window and viola ... there it was ... when i returned it to normal size, it kept the interface drawn ...

... i returned the monitor to 32bit and the same thing kept happening. minor inconvenience ... and it makes me think there's something bigger wrong with the computer that i'm not aware of.

at least my problem is solved!

I hate saying this.. but try updating Windows.

I'm pretty sure there were some Java updates a while back (Arduino IDE is based off Java if I remember correctly) that might help. Or could do a search for Java updates.

Best of luck:X

thanks! although, windows and java are up to date

i appreciate it though