IDE not opening after install, Raspberry Pi 3.


I have been using several IDE versions on a Raspberry Pi 3 for months. Recently I shuffled some file locations around and now am unable to successfully launch any IDE version after install. Desktop and menu icons appear, the "launch" screen/image appear briefly, an hourglass period, then nothing.

My programming skills are minimal, but I rely on this software heavily and would very much appreciate an opportunity to learn how to correct this problem. I seem not to have been the only person having it, but I've yet to see a solution posted that works for me.

Thanks a bunch.

William Patrick Hawes.

Not sure how much good the Arduino IDE would be to you, anyway, since the code generator of the compiler is for the Atmel family of processors, not the RP. I would look for an RP specifically designed for the RP.

uninstall everything. reinstall one.

usr/share/applications. synaptics package manager. there are 2. one requires a root login. use that one

highlight the arduino box, select remove.

install the 32 bit version by executing in terminal

On a guess, I entered "arduino ide" in the terminal, and a 1.0.5 version opened. I'm guessing now that I might need to delete this version?

Removing that old version did the trick. Thanks.