IDE plugins

I would like to see “plugin” functionality added, to dynamically download and add libraries to the IDE. Something similar to eclipse.

Intellij Idea has a similar functionality. There is a menu with a search option, and you can then read descriptions of libraries, and download them on the fly.

I think you would need to define a way to package these plugins, and prepare a repository.

This could allow the arduino IDE to be fairly stable, but new functionality could still be added without major revisions.

Whats wrong with downloading a library then exporting it to the library folder?

I don’t think there is anything wrong. I have seen other posts asking for more libraries to be included however and I think that that is a never-ending request.

Building in the ability to find and download libraries would take care of that request, and also add a nice feature to the IDE.

I very much support this suggestion.

It could even be extended to automatically search the playground for the requested library.

-Rightclick the name of the header file, get option ‘download locally’ and ‘download from playground’. Thats it for the user.
After download is complete: Sketch ready to compile.

SOunds like you have worked with R ;0)

Basically this downloading/ fetching online Libs is a wonderful idea - and it could be extended with a ‘search for updates’ button. Think of the easiness - every lib just needs an XML file with name, author, version and thread to the discussion in the forum. That would be sooo awesome

Yes, linux-like…
A first step could be an import dialog to simply add a lib to the librairies folder. For example,

  • you would download a file like LEDControl.arl (zip file renamed),
  • open it automatically from the browser in the Arduino IDE,
  • confirm, unzip/install.