IDE printing Large print?

If I print in IDE 1.8.2 the print type is very large! Abt 22 lines per page. I'm using Win 10, HP Photosmart 7510 printer.

Windows setting for printer and printer settings for scaling are often the culprit in these cases.

Also check the font size in the IDE under preferences JIC you have it set too low and double check the SCALING option too. Automatic for the last one is usually fine but win 10 has some pretty odd quirks.

If I increase the font size from 12 to 14 the print is even bigger. If I unclick Auto in Interface Scaling the IDE screen print is very small. Where would I change scaling in Win 10 setup? Thanks!

Fonts get larger as the number gets larger.
It has always been that way.

There were some scaling issues with win 10 and there are at least 6 posts on that topic so I will let you go ahead and find them.

I use WIN 7 PRO here.

I did look over many post on font size and scaling, seems many people have the same problem! Seems like copy and paste is the only way to go ... Thanks!