ide response times are terible

after an attempt to install amtel dev studio 6.2, i ended up having to install the ide version 1.58 on the machine with 1.6 already installed, after the ide version 1.6 compatable with the amtell dev studio was automatically installed and updated the stand alone ide started to behave badly,

the menus can take anything from 6 seconds+ to populate, some just wont? and the lag results in an unusable ide.

i have uninstalled and deleted all ide s/w bar m$ visual studio express and reinstalled the arduino 1.6 ide and the behavior persists?

this is runniing on a win8 pc I5, 8gb ram…

checking java installations i have,
java 7 update 55
java 7 update 67 (64bit)
java 8 update 25 (64bit)
java SE devkit update 25 (64bit)

please advise




Its NOT a COM port conflict as detailed in the troubleshooting list, as the delay is not specific to the tools menu its the whole ide menu system that lags..

deleting/reinstalling the ide has no effect,

running the debug ide exe reports no errors ???


No other s/w on the lappy exhibits this behaviour?

it makes using the arduino ide impossible.. click a menu wait 10 secs!! and it may appear and populate.. VERY frustrating!!!!


You mean "1.0.6" when you say "1.6"? Try deleting the Arduino preferences file (um... Users\username\AppData\Roaming\Arduino\preferences.txt on my W8.1 system, but it should show up and include a link from the IDE's File/Preferences panel.) I've noticed assorted odd behaviors when switching versions, apparently due to incompatibilities in the format of this file. It is NOT deleted when you uninstall the IDE...