IDE run on iPad?

I a beginner, I would like to run the IDE on my iPad while learning. Is this possible? For now I don't need to upload from iPad to Arduino, if I can copy sketches to my laptop (windows) to upload.

I do see an apple version, but can't find info about f it runs on iPad.

Sorry if this has been covered, I have already searched and didn't find the answer.

Nope, iPad is a totally different platform from Apple computers - there may be unofficial Arduino apps that let you do some development on an iPad, but I haven't heard any talk about that here. The iPad (and most tablets) really isn't targeted at productivity/development applications - it's an entertainment platform.

People often do stuff where the communicate with an app on an iPad via bluetooth (at it's simplest, this gets you serial monitor on your iPad), and there's lots of info on that.

I know less than nothing about iPads, but this shows the Arduino IDE running on one:- iPad Screenshots