IDE should not always close monitoring window

Today I noticed that the IDE will always close the serial monitoring window now matter what it is actually monitoring. That is if the monitoring window monitors a serial connection that is not used for uploading it will still be closed. For example if I upload with an ISP I will always bypass the serial connection. But still the window gets closed.

Would it be possible to fix this?


Can you post a bug on the issue list? A patch is even better. :)

Hi Mellis,

how can I put an issue there? It seems to require a Google account. Something I do not have and that I do not want to have. Is there some means to put an issue there without such an account?


I've extended this request which is related:

And it should be re-opened automatically after it was automatically closed due to an upload.

In case the upload does not use the same serial interface (or no serial interface at all) it should not even close.