IDE Tools Port option not highlit.

I've just installed the IDE for windows 10 1.8.9 (Windows store and the nRF528x package from board manager for my nano33BLE board.
When I run the IDE and go to tools (with the nano33BLE plugged into the USB, green light on amber flashing slow) the tools/port option is not high lit.
So when I select tools/get board info I get an error message saying "please select port to get board info". But I can't...……. because the tools/port option is not high lit.
Why not?
How can I select the port?
Any help for a complete novice much appreciated.

(Note1: I'm not the only one with this problem. Sara90210 has a similar sounding problem on a Uno R3.
Note2: Yes, I have read how to use this forum.)

I'm not familiar with the Nano33BLE.

The Windows store versions are known to give occasional grief; I suggest that you uninstall it and install the normal IDE.

What happens in Windows device manager when you connect the board? Is it recognised? Does it have a yellow triangle?

There is a dedicated section for questions regarding the new Nanos; you can click the 'report to moderator' link under your post and request your thread to be moved.

You might find some information in New to the NAO 33 BLE, SENSE, IOT please read this first.

Can you select the Nano 33 BLE in the IDE Tools->Board menu ?


Thanks very much for your suggestions and the links.

Lots of information and things to try.

I strongly suspect some configuration on my PC needs altering as neither of the two nano's register in the list of connected devices.

I'll post the solution when I find it.

Many thanks for your help.

Solution: Tried another USB cable...…
The first cable works perfectly well with other devices but for some reason, not with the nano.
The second borrowed cable works a treat.

Karma for reporting back on the fix.
It is one I know of and should have added (now fixed Thanks) to the basic nano guide.