IDE used to work, now doesn't

I'm using Ubuntu 16.04 and, with help from my Linux mentor (no longer available), had it successfully programming my Panstamp. Been away from it for a while and now when I click the IDE icon it says "There was an error launching the application". Googling that was no help. I suspect I moved something around, probably in my quest to utilize Dropbox more.
I deleted the desktop icon and downloaded the current IDE tar file to a local Download folder and extracted the files to a folder in the same area. I open a terminal and navigate to that folder and, as instructed, do a ./ That puts the IDE icon back on the desktop. This time no error, but all that happens is the icon is duplicated in the launch bar. Clicking on that icon does nothing. Being a relatively new convert from Windows to Linux is probably most of my problem. It may be as simple as not knowing to where I should extract the files. Any help appreciated.