IDE v18 changing location of HEX file?

On a mac it places the HEX file deep inside the bowels of OSX... can I change it so it save the HEX file in an easier to access location?

Well you probably could but it wouldn't be easy. It only normally saves it temporarily though so you would have to write something to make it save it permenantly.

I don't use OSX though so I can't really help you there.

Anyone on OSX using v18 get access to the hex file? What about windows xp?

windows xp gets put in the %temp folder under some random hash folder, but its still a pita and I am not sure if you can automatically have the IDE move it out somewhere else (cause really they are the same software, so it will have the same fix)

Well, what are the options then at getting the HEX file? AVR Studio?