IDE v2.1 on Ubuntu and Digispark

I have installed on my laptop Ubuntu 15.10. From the software center, I installed the Arduino IDE (arduino 2:1.0.5+dfsg2-4). I was working through the examples with my Uno clone. It all works great. Only time I have trouble is if the baud rate on the Serial Monitor is mismatched with the sketch, it freezes up.

My real trouble is trying to work with Digispark. From their instructions digispark:tutorials:connecting I am supposed to go to Files>Preferences and in the Additional boards manager URLs, enter There is no Additional boards manager in the preferences window. Then in Tools>Board>Boards Manager... There is no Boards Manager, just the list of Arduino Boards.

It seems that there is either a new way of adding boards to the IDE or I need to install an older version. Either way, I'm not quite smart enough to figure out how to do either. Help me please!

I installed the Arduino IDE (arduino 2:1.0.5+dfsg2-4)

I would think that that is Arduino 1.0.5, which is quite a bit older than the version that supports the .json install method for new hardware. The linux package managers have had a hard time keeping up with the current pace of Arduino IDE development (current version: 1.6.7), partially for legal reasons (Arduino has been less than zealous about making sure every file is tagged with an appropriate license and copyright, which is considered “important” in linux circles), and partly because there has been a LOT of development going on.

Try installing from the download at instead of using the software center. That’s harder, but there are instructions, and it shouldn’t be TOO bad.

Problem solved. I followed How to Install The Latest Arduino IDE 1.6.6 in Ubuntu adjusting the key points so I ended up with Arduino IDE v1.6.7. This brought in permission errors but I was able to work through it using the Digisparks linux troubleshooting Everything works now. I notice there does seem to be some slight syntax differences between Digispark and Uno. More experimentation necessary.