IDE ver 1.6.10 LiquidCrystal Library Compile Problems


I have uploaded version 1.6.10 of the IDE and the standard Liquid Crystal library (even using the example code) won’t compile citing Wire.h as the problem. Is it me or is there an issue in the new version? I also tried it on the Visual Micro (Visual Studio) platform and get compile errors.

I have attached a verbose output of my project I am working on that uses the Liquid Crystal library.


TXMoth Compile.txt (44.5 KB)

Please do this:

  • Open the file C:\Users\Nick\Documents\Arduino\libraries\LiquidCrystal\I2CIO.cpp with a text editor.
  • Change line 35 from:
#include <..\Wire\Wire.h>


#include <Wire.h>
  • Save the file.
  • Try compiling again.

The problem is that include gives an absolute path to Wire.h, a very bad idea, and the file is not located in that absolute location. By changing the include you will allow the Arduino IDE or Visual Micro to search a number of different library paths to find the file.