IDE Version 2 start up time

Just downloaded V2 it takes forever to load over 55 secs whereas V 1.8.18 only takes 15 secs. Is this correct or have I missed something ?

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I just timed the launch for the last version available and I get less than 8 seconds on a MacBook Pro (2019, 16 inch) 2,3 GHz Intel Core i9 with 8 cores and 32 Go 2667 MHz DDR4 running OS X Monterey 12.1

I have a more modest system, Win10 w/Intel i5 and a solidstate harddrive. I get around 9 seconds to load. However it feels like more.

Maybe my laptop is a bit old I run Win10 Intel i3 1.7GHz 4.00 GB RAM. I have timed the loading with a stopwatch and the fastest I can get it to load after a restart is 45 secs. so I guess that is what I am stuck with until I can afford a MacBook !!

I don't think it's correct to target outdated hardware! The start algorithm should be improved!

Yes, start up should be almost instantaneous...

if I look at some text editors on my Mac:
Launching TextMate is is ~2s
Launching Microsoft Word is less than 3s
Launching Apple Pages is less than 2s

if I look at a full feature IDE, launching Xcode is less than 3s to arrive at the project assistant and almost instantaneous then to "create a new project"

So there is work to be done indeed

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