IDE when scrolling the compiler messages

goes into this weird slow motion thing.

How do I stop it?

Please provide a better description of what you mean by "this weird slow motion thing".

Well, when i scroll out to the side of the compiler messages it goes pretty fast, then soon slows down to a crawl and none of the buttons will do anything anymore. So you have to kill the program and restart it.

What i mean by scrolling is sliding fingers up or down the mouse.

Try it for yourself.

Try it for yourself.

We will need a better description of the problem and how to reproduce it.

sliding fingers up or down the mouse.

I do not know what you mean by that

do you have a mac mouse?

put your cursor on the messages, now quickly as you can scroll up. It goes very fast then switches to slow and stays there for all day if you leave it, just slowly scrolling over and over. I have noticed this for more almost three years.

do you have a mac mouse?

No. I use a PC and a proper mouse with a scroll wheel

I tried a mac 9 years ago and quickly lost interest in the bill gates world!