IDE Window Size issue on EeePC 701

Hi all,

Having an issue when running any version of the IDE later than 0018. It seems to be related to the minimum size setting for the IDE window. While I'm running the software the status bar at the bottom of the window doesn't quite fit on screen. The window then proceeds to attempt to resize itself to fit on screen, It then seems to get forced back to the default window height. This activity repeats rapidly until I get enough of a headache to shut it down (about 30s.) The native resolution on the EeePC 701 is 800x480. Is there any way that I can force the IDE to run within these limits.

For the record I am running Leeenux 3.1 which is a remix of the Ubuntu Netbook Remix based on Ubuntu 10.04

Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated.

Problem solved!!! Just had to find the correct preferences file. For anyone else having similar issues with linux and low res diplays It's in a hidden folder in your home directory labelled .arduino. The value I needed to change was editor.height.min = 450 worked a treat.