idea is it possible?

hey guys is this possible with arduino?
i build custom cars, im looking to put a large lcd touch screen as a center console piece in a car.
i would like it to work as a stereo dvd play and have aux inputs, also looking to have a menu so i can select to read temps, gps nav. etc etc etc bunch of other random shit n ideas ill figure out a way to put on it in one way or another.
the car is a 1973 chevrolet nova, it has a 383 stroker twin turbos and is supercharged it is 2000hp at 31 lbs of boost.
now im working on making the interior im going for a one of a kind car here, my dream so is it possible with arduino to do this?

While it might be possible, this is pushing the envelope for one of the current arduino's. The upcoming Due would likely be a better match.

Arduino + RaspberryPI board for a project like this.

Lakes: Arduino + RaspberryPI board for a project like this.

An Asus EeePC, even a used one with a busted screen to cut costs, and an arduino would also work well here. The parts in the EeePC are all solid state, so it would do quite well in a hazardous environment.

i have a screen off of a old toshiba satellite laptop its 15" i believe to lazy to mwasure even though there is a tape measure next to me. can arduino output to that? screen has a 30pin connector... this should be fun. but is it even possible?

can arduino output to that?

No, you can’t output direct from an arduino to any sort of LCD screen except the very very small, there is simply not enough memory to hold an image in the arduino, nor CPU power to keep pumping it out to the display.

so it would need a external gpu? or would rasberry pi work? (reading about it now)

im suprised honestly that everyone here is helpful instead of telling me to get a old laptop throw it under the dash n run more cable to ther monitor to have it flush mounted in the center console. but thats way to easy. though tablet + arduino for guages etc would work but requires a tablet and i cant afford/ to lazy to steal one.

nopic: so it would need a external gpu? or would rasberry pi work? (reading about it now)

Na the little 8 bit couple k of memory CPU on an arduio is really not suited for this task. The pi might be up to the task though it's still a bit weak CPU wise. When doing a similar thing for my truck I went with an ABS 2din plastic case that fits a standard size motherboard (micro I think) and used a car specific power supply that fits into a atx connector. Covered it all up with a 9 inch lcd that fit perfectly under the factory center console. Anyway I used a atom based motherboard but recently replaced it with an e350 based board from amd for an upgrade as the atom was a bit pokey at times. I'm also running 3 screens off the unit one center console and 2 headrest with heavy video and games.

The Pi only outputs HDMI or composite TV signals so you can’t connect that to a laptop screen.

As others have said, an Arduino doesn’t have the horsepower to drive a display screen. I suspect a R-pi might not either without a lot of programming. While I did buy a R-pi, I haven’t run mine yet, as I’ve been busy with other things. However, I recall in skimming over their groups, the R-pi folk don’t have complete open source drivers for the GPU, and people are complaining about how slow it is using the GPU in unoptimized mode. Eventually things will be reverse engineered, but I suspect the R-pi is more on the cheap side of things than fast.

So what can be done?

I would suspect you want to break the task into several sub-tasks, some of which can be handled by Arduinos (read temps, gps nav, etc.) and video, etc. by other processors. It could be another processor running an embedded OS such as mbed/beaglebone, a standalone DVD player, Android system, or an x86 running Linux or Windows. It also depends on how much programming you are willing to do (or pay somebody to do for you). I assume you will power this from the car electrical system.

First of all, you need to think about screen size? How big of a screen do you want? Do you want something like a 7 or 10" tablet? Or do you want a smaller screen? I’ve seen various size screens 3-7" at For the smaller screens, you can get the video experimenter shield (, that would allow you to overlay low res video over a NTSC signal if you want to do menu items from the Arduino.

In terms of the R-pi, you can get 7-10" Lilliput HDMI monitors that should work with the R-pi, or use analog video.

I suspect an Android tablet has most of what you want, and you would then connect an Arduino to it to do the things that are more awkward on Android. I must admit I don’t know much about programming an Android system.

Eventually things will be reverse engineered,

That is a very naive statement and I suspect stems for not knowing about the system but based on a belief that anything can be reverse engineered. The point is that even if you know what you are doing and having the right tools to do it with, getting the GPU to do something other that it was designed for is virtually impossible. Look how people have failed to crack the encryption on most digital TV systems.

The processor in the Pi is plenty fast enough to do what the OP wants. It is plenty fast enough to do most things at an impressive speed, it is just that it is currently crippled by Linux.