Idea of project


Hello, im searching a project to do for my school with 3 sensors and 2 actions but I don’t have any idea in mind.. please help meeee !!

What grade are you in, and what stuff do you have access to?

There is always the traffic light thing

But these things work best when they interest you - might try asking your professor for ideas also - look around what interests you. What is your major?

I keep thinking about a elevator or tide gauge for a project in the future.

How about something to go with a hobby you have. Maybe a bit about your background or what you want to do for a career might help others to make a suggestion. Your choice, when you are out in industry things show up on your desk and you will hopefully be able to get excited about them or find a challenge in some way

Good luck

Do you really think you can come up with a totally new idea just like that, when there are some 6 bln other people alive and many more that have lived and all had a chance to come up with new ideas?

Start with someone else's idea and try to improve on it. That's what we all do.

If all the other ideas are taken, how much time do you have?


Mice are all over the world.

Build a better mouse trap.

Something thousands have attempted. Yet a spring trap with bait has been the best we've had for the last century.

You're in university and can't come up with a single idea for an Arduino project?

I was never very good at the school project things "something with 3 limit switches and 2 motors" - but I was pretty good at making things run or fixing designs that others had messed up. Some of the jobs I was sort of he who gets the assignment when all others have messed it up, did make sure that I had some challenges for sure.

So I am willing to give @livai the benefit of the doubt at this point.

Well, the better mousetrap should work.
Two sensors as limit switches for the motor that operates the door.
One sensor to detect the mouse being there.
A second motor to crush the mouse to death after it's been detected and the door has been closed.

I’ve never done an arduino project before, iam just a 17 yo teen that thinks playing PlayStation is the better for me so. But it’s getting better, I like what I make, thank you !

Ok so I have the automatic swimming pool which consist to measured the PH et the T• of the water and I can cover the swimming pool automtically when it’s night or when the rain comes. And I have your idea of mousetrap, which consist of I understood, to detect the mouse with an ultrasonic sensor, than we will know with a movement sensor if the mouse is in the box than the door will close itself and the mouse will be killed but how ?

Up to you to fill in the details.

To detect the mouse: ultrasound may work, but do check whether or not the mouse can hear this. Butt here are so many other options. IR prox or break beam sensor, I don't think a mouse can see IR. Some kind of weight sensor is another option - load cell, FSR, pressure tube, pressure plate + microswitch. The mouse is warm, heat sensor. Breathes out CO2, CO2 sensor. Piezo vibration sensor to detect its movement.

To close the door: stepper motor, DC motor, servo, solenoid, linear actuator.

To kill the mouse: pump in poison gas, pump in water, smack it with a hammer (attached to a motor as with the door), slowly crush it between two plates (don't forget to post a timelapse on 4chan's /b/, just make sure no cats get killed in the process) if you don't like the splatter, electrocute it, suck it up in a vacuum cleaner, mount the mouse trap on a catapult so you can launch the mouse into the neighbour's cat's food bowl.

So many options! I'm sure you can come up with more yourself. That's just for the mouse trap. As said: find someone else's idea (the mouse trap) and build on that (different way of luring/catching/holding/dealing with the mouse).

Or of course just build a new controller for that playstation thingy.

Central heating controller. Mine has 5 temperature sensors, 5 output relays and a Nextion display. Is that enough for you?